Kyalami Prep Newsletter 8 - 2019

School report season – parental anxiety, frustration or delight?

As we have entered the halfway mark of the year, school reports have either just been made available or are about to be published. What does this mean for you as a mom or dad? Do you see your child’s achievements as your own personal successes or failures? If so, have you ever looked back at your own school report card and compared your results to that of your child’s at the same age? Are the results similar, or are you expecting an A from your child when you only achieved a C?

As parents, we are often too emotionally involved when it comes to our own children. We get caught in their vortex of stress, catastrophizing, homework, studying, writing tests and exams and then ultimately, the inevitable results. The results, which they believe, together with the verbal and non-verbal feedback they receive from us as parents, peers, friends and family, define them and their worth, as people. Have you ever heard any of the following phrases come from you as a parent?

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