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KPNS - School hours & Uniform

School hours

Our front gate opens at 07:00 each morning. Our assistants are on duty to welcome the children between 07:00 and 07:30, thereafter they are joined by the class teacher who continues the welcoming process until 07:45 for our Grade 0’s and 08:00 for our Grade 000 and 00 classes.

Our school day ends at 12:30 for our Grade 000 and 00 classes and 12:45 for our Grade 0’s.


Our Pupils wear a KPNS uniform which takes the stress out of “what to wear” each morning. We have tried to keep our uniform as simple and cost-effective as possible as we understand the cost of replacing uniform for a growing child. We welcome paint and glue stains as part of their uniform; this is proof of a fun-filled day!