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Kyalami Prep Nursery School (KPNS) Newsletters


Our children had a wonderful day celebrating friendship, while learning about the value of giving. Thank you for the amazing contributions that were made as ‘civvies tax’. I have no doubt that the animal shelters who receive our donations will be truly grateful!

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KPNS Sports Morning

Our KPNS Sports morning, which normally takes place in the second term, has been moved to the end of the first term. This will take place on Saturday, 4th of April. Times will be confirmed as soon as possible. My apologies for this not having been added to the term planner, we picked up the clash in dates for the second term last week, and can now confirm an alternate date.

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Welcome back to the New Year! I trust that you had a well-deserved break over the December holidays.

Our little ones have settled in well to their new classes, but please keep in the back of your mind that Monday may see some tears. This is perfectly normal after the first weekend of the term, particularly for our Grade 000 and new children.

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Although there is only one month left of our school year, we still have a number of fun events planned! Please take note of details and dates pertaining to our final month of the term:

Water fun day

Our Water Fun Day has been scheduled for Friday the 15th of November; however, due to the water restrictions, this will no longer be taking place. In place of this, we will have jumping castles on the field, as well as some additional activities, added to the playground to ensure that our children have a fun-filled day. Your child does not need to bring anything with them to school on this day.

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Welcome to midterm break! School will re-open on Tuesday, 29th of October, at 07:00.

School Photographs

School photos will take place on Wednesday the 30th of October. Please ensure that your child is neatly presented on the day. We will have a whole school photo, as well as individual photos for those children who were absent for photos in February and for those children who have joined KPNS during the course of the year.

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Concert season is here! Our Grade 000 children had a wonderful time performing for their ‘Special Person/s’ yesterday! Thank you to all our Special People who were able to attend.

A reminder to please take note of the details for both the Grade 000 and Grade 00/0 concerts which were sent out via email on the 27th of September.

Grade 00/0 concert: A reminder that the cut off date to collect concert tickets was Wednesday, the 9th. Ticket holders will be allowed access to seating first on the morning of the performance. Doors will open at 09:00 and non-ticket holders will be allowed access at 09:10. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

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There is great excitement building across the grades as our children start their final preparation for our KPNS concerts! Mrs Mac will be sending out concert letters today!

Please note that our Grade 000’s have different concert dates and times to the Grade 00/0’s - please ensure that you note the correct dates and times for your child’s grade. If your child is required to provide an item of clothing for the concert, a note would have been sent home in their message book.

The children cannot wait to share their concert with you!

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Welcome back! I trust that you all enjoyed the break from school and that your little one is ready to tackle a busy 3rd term!

We are excited for the final 3 months of the term and ask that you continue to support your children in the final stretch of the year.

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I would like to start off this newsletter by thanking you all for a wonderful term! It has been an exceptionally busy time and your support has been evident in each of our events. I would also like to thank the KPNS staff for the extra time and effort they have put into making this term so amazing! They have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that our children are learning in a safe and loving environment.

Our third term is always filled with great excitement! You will receive your term planner at the beginning of the new term with details on the various events taking place.

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