Kyalami Preparatory Nursery School has a nurturing, supportive environment with teachers and parents committed to working together to stimulate academic, cultural, spiritual and sporting excellence. We embrace the ethnic, cultural and social diversity of our country. True to the School’s motto of ‘Spread your Wings’, we encourage our pupils to reach their full potential in every aspect of school life and in what we believe is a relevant education programme in global terms. Intellectual curiosity is encouraged in all learning areas.

Tammy Odendaal
KPNS Headmistress

vision and values

The Kyalami Group of Schools is ‘A community of schools developing global achievers.’

Our schools will strive to achieve our vision through the following:

  • Maximising each child’s potential.
  • Making our subject matter relevant to the real world.
  • Adopting and encouraging a holistic approach to the development of each child.
  • Fostering creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Creating global awareness.

INTEGRITY – Upholding our values whatever the circumstances.
CONSISTENCY – Continual alignment of efforts toward an agreed common purpose.
ACCOUNTABILITY – Accepting wholehearted responsibility for that with which we have been entrusted and over that which we have control (guardianship).
RESPECT – Having high regard for oneself and others and aligning one’s actions to accord.
EXCELLENCE – Maximising the fulfillment of each pupil’s academic/sporting/ cultural/spiritual and emotional potential by offering outstanding opportunity for growth and development.

open door  policy

As your child is our main concern, we have an Open Door Policy in order to keep the doors of communication open at all times.

We also use a variety of means of communication:

  • Whatsapp Broadcast group
  • Bi-weekly Newsletters
  • Emails
  • SMS

school hours

Front gate opens at 07:00 each morning. Assistants are on duty to welcome the children between 07:00 and 07:30 Welcoming process until 07:45 for our Grade 0’s and 08:00 for our Grade 000 and 00 classes.

Our school day ends at 12:30 for our Grade 000 and 00 classes and 12:45 for our Grade 0’s.


Our Pupils wear a KPNS uniform which takes the stress out of “what to wear” each morning. We have tried to keep our uniform as simple and cost-effective as possible as we understand the cost of replacing uniform for a growing child. We welcome paint and glue stains as part of their uniform; this is proof of a fun-filled day!

daily programme

We believe that true education is not the mere learning of specific knowledge and skills, it is the development of children’s learning abilities – that is their capability to think creatively, plan and implement their plans and communicate their understanding in a variety of ways. That is what we at KPNS would like to instill within our Pre-Prep children – the ability to problem solve successfully on a social, emotional and academic level.

A labour of incredible love, we promise a Nursery School where the following aspects are emphasized:

  • in the children is both identified, valued and nurtured
  •  of the staff to develop the individual strengths of each child, as well as to nurture their need to feel secure, be accepted, loved and happy
  • to make wise decisions based on best practice and what is best for your child to entrust the educational moulding of the future generation in our qualified and capable hands to maintain open and honest conversations with all relevant stakeholders, welcoming participation and building mutual understanding
  • to nurture compassion through our children, teaching them to be compassionate towards others; to smile and give hugs, and supply words of encouragement and positive reinforcement.