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The Junior Preparatory Overview (Grade 1 - 3) Our dynamic young children enter the world of ‘Big School’ with some sense of excitement and apprehension. We have the opportunity to create well-rounded, resilient and independent young people who are able to apply their skills to a world that is forever changing.  Our teachers aim to encourage and instil: Independence – to encourage routines and carry out age-appropriate chores at home and school Responsibility – to encourage punctuality, care for one’s belongings, accept consequences for misdemeanours and foster intrinsic motivation to succeed Problem-solving abilities – to learn to ‘make a plan’ in all areas of life Relationships/empathy – to learn to listen to others, co-operate in team work activities, listen to and respect others feelings and opinions A positive EQ – to feel confident, have realistic expectations and learn from mistakes Our academic programmes foster and develop auditory and visual perceptual skills, as well as gross and fine motor skills within our children. We believe that once we have set these solid foundations, our little ones will be equipped with the necessary the skills to develop sound Literacy (communicate, read, write and comprehend) and Mathematics abilities (understand number patterns and concepts, and problem-solve). These in turn, will provide them with the adeptness they require to make sense of their learning, apply their knowledge and have an informed opinion on topics of interest in the Senior Preparatory Phase.We are aware that not all children develop and learn at the same pace. We thus encourage each child to learn in a way that best suits him or her, whether it be using flexible seating in the classroom, additional visual and auditory cues in the classroom, or with the help of external support structures to facilitate and support areas of difficulty.At Kyalami Preparatory School, we endeavour to create an environment for our children where they can learn through play and practical experiences, without fear and be encouraged to discover and collaborate with friends. 

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Human skeleton, Grade 3, iPad (Keynote)

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The Blues, Grade 0, Microsoft Paint


"We're working on our Greek gods and goddesses presentation." Grade 3, iPad


 Shapes & Numbers, Grade 1, iPad (Keynote)