Remote Learning

Many schools offer Music, Drama and Art but what makes us different, what sets us apart, is that these activities are not exclusive. It’s those little extras that make Kyalami Preparatory special. Like other places of learning we provide for to the talented, but every child is encouraged to participate. This develops the whole person, producing confident, balanced little people, giving our children a sense of belonging, self- respect and dignity.

The Arts and Culture learning area is designed to provide a catalyst to love music and includes movement/dance/singing, drama and interpretation, performance tasks and visual Art, in full accordance with the revised National Curriculum Statement 2005. The emphasis is on fun and creative expression but also on developing hand/eye coordination and addressing any other problems using music therapy techniques, especially in the younger grades. Music, drama and art are never seen as separate entities but are always placed in context within today’s society.

Individual lessons are available in several different instruments including Piano, Drumming, Classical Guitar and Electric Guitar, Violin, and Voice. We have a school band where pupils can exercise their new found talents.

We have two choirs at Kyalami; a Junior and Senior Choir who, at every opportunity, perform whether it’s Prize Giving, Assembly or at any other special function.

Music, Drama and Art are intrinsic to life at Kyalami and pupils are given every opportunity for expressing themselves creatively. Arts and Culture is a vibrant learning area that has something for everyone!