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About Kyalami Preparatory School

Bus Routes

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Kyalami Schools Bus routes

Our Vision:

A community of schools developing global achievers.

Kyalami Schools strive to develop confident, resilient individuals who contribute to the local community and who have global interests. We do this by:

  • Embracing a holistic environment serving all the needs of the community
  • Ensuring that our subject material is globally relevant

 Our versatile, diverse environment is well equipped for individuals with distinct and varied abilities.  

  Our schools will strive to achieve the vision by:

  • Maximising each child’s potential
  • Making our subject matter relevant to the real world
  • Adopting and encourage a holistic approach to the development of each child
  • Fostering creative and critical thinking skills 
  • Creating global awareness


At Kyalami Schools, we believe that a set of core values should direct our actions and maintain our focus on ethical, effective education. These are:

  • Integrity
  • Consistency
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence




Facilities1 Facilities2

   The drive for iPad deployment @ K.P.S.

ipad1 iPad2

'In and Around School' site - The part of our web that we dedicate to our kids and their learning

 With the shifts in Information & Communication Technology (ICT), we have seen the rise of two important players in the mobile computing world.

silver-apple-logo1 dr-seuss-google-logo1 microsoft-logo1

Apple is cornering the market with its iPad technology and Google is taking giant leaps into in a variety of different ventures.
At Kyalami Preparatory School we are embracing both international giants in an attempt to stay relevant and current. Our iPads are each sitting with a wide range of educational apps and the productivity apps, including Keynote, Numbers and Pages, are creating a buzz in the classroom after years of Office domination. Google Sites has become an integral part of our website layout. Google Calendar plays a significant role in our booking of Facilitation Rooms and iPads. Let's not forget Google Search and Gmail which remains firmly entrenched in K.P.S. culture.

We have not forgotten our friends at Microsoft and our Windows network is continuously upgraded to improve reliability, security, automation and administrative control.


 The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising programme is one of South Africa’s biggest community support programme that raises essential funds for schools, charities, and environmental organisations.

Funds are used to improve education and social development in South Africa. You can make a difference to a worthy cause without costing you a cent!

The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme raises more than R3 million per month for the schools, charities, animal welfare and environmental organisations it supports. Help us to help the community.

Please click here for more information on My School Card

 The K.P.S. Enviro Club

Please click here to see our Enviro Club web site

Term Calendar:

The term calendar for 2020 may be downloaded from the following link:

pdf2020 Term Calendar






The school uniforms are available from two suppliers who service our schools and ensure our pupils wear the correct uniforms.

1. Kyalami Schools Uniform Suppliers

Our uniform shop is situated on the Beaulieu College campus in 107 Maple Road, Kyalami. It is positioned behind the tuck shop. Please follow signs from the Beaulieu College entrance.

Regular Trading Hours:

Week days:                           07h30 until 09h00 and 11h00 until 16h00

Shop telephone number:     011 468 2114 extension 2035 (or ask for the uniform shop)

Cellphone number:               076 771 9055


In order to avoid the January 'back to school rush', we suggest that you purchase your child's uniforms as soon as possible.

Payment for the uniform shop may be made by cash, credit card or EFT by arrangement.

A comprehensive list of our uniform is available at our uniform shop.

2.  McCullough and Bothwell

A second uniform supplier that services all our schools is McCullough and Bothwell.  They are situated in Fourways Crossings on the first floor.

Physical Address
Shop U2, Upper Level, 
Fourways Crossing Shopping Centre
Off William Nicol

Tel: (011) 705-1070
Fax: (011) 705-1075

Trading Hours
Mon – Fri         08h30 - 17h00
Sat                   08h30 - 13h00 

For Public Holidays and Back to School trading, please contact the branch directly.

thumb IMG_3690



Office Hours: 

The office is open from 07h00 to 16h30 during the term and 08h00 to 14h00 during school holidays and mid-term breaks.

School Hours: 

Grade 000, 00 and 0 :  

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday                                            

08h00 to 12h45 

Tuesday and Friday (Assembly days) 

07h30 to 12h45 

Grades 1, 2 and 3:                                

07h35 to 13h30 daily

Grades 4 – 7:  

Monday to Thursday                                       

07h35 to 13h40 

07h35 to 13h30 Friday                                                    


Dear Parents

Kyalami Preparatory School makes use of the d6 School Communicator – an innovative and exciting new way of communicating with parents. The School Communicator keeps you up to date with what’s happening at school. It updates automatically and brings you all the latest news and calendar events. It also contains a photo gallery, contact list and a range of useful links and documents.

Download the school's d6 Communicator here. Select Kyalami Preparatory School from the drop down list and install for either Windows or Mac. There are mobile versions of the software available for download in the same place.


NAME: First National Bank

BRANCH: Sandton

ACCOUNT NAME: Kyalami Preparatory School

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62510387188


Please mail the deposit slip or Internet transaction record to or fax to 011 466 0509, attention Sheema Ambrose. 

All account related queries may be directed to the Bursar by contacting the school on 011 466 0526 or via email

 KPS 3

Kyalami Schools (NPC), provides an outstanding quality of education to all its pupils. Its identity as a 'Thinking School' is at the heart of its work, whether it is encouraging children to think about others or to think things out for themselves.

A unique ethos of aspiration, reflection and improvement permeate the schools at all levels. Staff and pupils are receiving a very special opportunity to learn about real life skills, values, how to think and question effectively and how to prepare for a happy and successful life.  Our outstandingly successful schools fully meet the aims of Kyalami Schools’ challenging vision statement by being a ‘creative and thinking school’ developing its pupils to become global achievers.

The focus on 'thinking skills' across the schools plays a significant role in teaching pupils how to learn effectively. It is an important factor in the good progress they make and in their preparation for high school and later life.

What is a Thinking SchoolThinking Schools South Africa copy

TSSA defines a Thinking School as one of an educational community in which all members share a common commitment to giving regular, careful thought to everything that takes place.

About Thinking Schools International 

Thinking Schools International (TSI) was established in 2010 and is a partnership between Kestrel Education in the UK and Designs for Thinking in the US.  The aim – to facilitate a whole school approach to the development of pupils’ thinking skills for organisations across the globe who are committed to developing 21st Century Learning.

“The reason I was drawn to Thinking Schools South Africa (TSSA) is because of this novel idea that in matters social as well as educational, the best tool at our disposal as human beings is to think our way out of problems; far too much emphasis in South African education is on coverage of content and too little on the underlying thinking skills crucial for understanding complex scholarly and social problems” 
                                                                             -Professor Jonathan Jansen, TSSA Patron